Calculating Masses of Pentaquarks Composed of Baryons and Mesons

Research paper by Majid Monemzadeh, Narges Tazimi, Shahnaz Babaghodrat

Indexed on: 16 Jul '16Published on: 16 Jul '16Published in: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


In this paper, we consider an exotic baryon (pentaquark) as a bound state of two-particle systems composed of a baryon (nucleon) and a meson.We used a baryon - meson picture to reduce a complicated five-body problem to a simple two-body problems. The homogeneous Lippmann-Schwinger integral equation is solved in configuration space by using one pion exchange potential. We calculate the masses of pentaquarks $\theta_{c}(uudd\bar{c})$, $\theta_{b}(uudd\bar{b})$.