Calculating Germinal Centre Reactions

Research paper by Lisa Buchauer, Hedda Wardemann

Indexed on: 26 Jun '20Published on: 28 Jul '19Published in: arXiv - Quantitative Biology - Quantitative Methods


Germinal centres are anatomically defined lymphoid organ structures that mediate B cell affinity maturation and affect the quality of humoral immune responses. Mathematical models based on differential equations or agent-based simulations have been widely used to deepen our understanding of the cellular and molecular processes characterizing these complex dynamic systems. Along with experimental studies, these tools have provided insights into the spatio-temporal behavior of B cells in germinal center reactions and the mechanisms underlying their clonal selection and cellular differentiation. More recently, mathematical models have been used to define key parameters that influence the quality of humoral vaccine responses such as vaccine composition and vaccination schedule. Here, we review current mathematical and computational models of the GC response, highlight interesting model features and discuss how they helped to improve our understanding of B cell responses specifically in immunization settings.