C 2 - and C 1 -Symmetric Configurationally Stable Pyrene-Fused [5]Helicenes Connected via Hexagonal and Heptagonal Rings.

Research paper by Asim Kumar AK Swain, Kubandiran K Kolanji, Christoph C Stapper, Prince P Ravat

Indexed on: 03 Feb '21Published on: 03 Feb '21Published in: Organic Letters


In this paper, we describe the stereospecific synthesis and functional properties of - and -symmetric pyrene-fused [5]helicene molecules and connected via hexagonal and heptagonal rings, respectively. Both molecules showed high configurational stability and distinct functional properties, which were attributed to the fusing mode of [5]helicene with the pyrene and molecular symmetry. The estimated Gibbs activation energy for enantiomerization of is one of the highest reported values for any π-conjugated molecules incorporating [5]helicene moiety.