Brst Cohomology and Invariants of 4D Gravity in Ashtekar Variables

Research paper by Lay Nam Chang, Chopin Soo

Indexed on: 06 Mar '92Published on: 06 Mar '92Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


We discuss the BRST cohomologies of the invariants associated with the description of classical and quantum gravity in four dimensions, using the Ashtekar variables. These invariants are constructed from several BRST cohomology sequences. They provide a systematic and clear characterization of non-local observables in general relativity with unbroken diffeomorphism invariance, and could yield further differential invariants for four-manifolds. The theory includes fluctuations of the vierbein fields, but there exits a non-trivial phase which can be expressed in terms of Witten's topological quantum field theory. In this phase, the descent sequences are degenerate, and the corresponding classical solutions can be identified with the conformally self-dual sector of Einstein manifolds. The full theory includes fluctuations which bring the system out of this sector while preserving diffeomorphism invariance.