BRST-BV approach to massless fields adapted to AdS/CFT correspondence

Research paper by R. R. Metsaev

Indexed on: 31 Aug '15Published on: 31 Aug '15Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


Using BRST-BV formulation of relativistic dynamics, arbitrary spin massless and massive field propagating in flat space and arbitrary spin massless fields propagating in AdS space are considered. For such fields, BRST-BV Lagrangians invariant under gauge transformations are obtained. The Lagrangians and gauge transformations are built in terms of traceless gauge fields and traceless gauge transformation parameters. The use of the Poincare parametrization of AdS space allows us to get simple BRST-BV Lagrangian for AdS fields. By imposing the Siegel gauge condition, we get gauge-fixed Lagrangian which leads to decoupled equations of motion for AdS fields. Such equations of motion considerably simplify the study of AdS/CFT correspondence. In the basis of conformal algebra, realization of relativistic symmetries on space of fields and antifields entering the BRST-BV formulation of AdS fields is obtained.