BROTHER OF LUX ARRHYTHMO is a component of the Arabidopsis circadian clock.

Research paper by Shunhong S Dai, Xiaoping X Wei, Liping L Pei, Rebecca L RL Thompson, Yi Y Liu, Jacqueline E JE Heard, Thomas G TG Ruff, Roger N RN Beachy

Indexed on: 31 Mar '11Published on: 31 Mar '11Published in: The Plant cell


BROTHER OF LUX ARRHYTHMO (BOA) is a GARP family transcription factor in Arabidopsis thaliana and is regulated by circadian rhythms. Transgenic lines that constitutively overexpress BOA exhibit physiological and developmental changes, including delayed flowering time and increased vegetative growth under standard growing conditions. Arabidopsis circadian clock protein CIRCADIAN CLOCK ASSOCIATED1 (CCA1) binds to the evening element of the BOA promoter and negatively regulates its expression. Furthermore, the period of BOA rhythm was shortened in cca1-11, lhy-21 (for LATE ELONGATED HYPOCOTYL), and cca1-11 lhy-21 genetic backgrounds. BOA binds to the promoter of CCA1 through newly identified promoter binding sites and activates the transcription of CCA1 in vivo and in vitro. In transgenic Arabidopsis lines that overexpress BOA, the period length of CCA1 rhythm was increased and the amplitude was enhanced. Rhythmic expression of other clock genes, including LHY, GIGANTEA (GI), and TIMING OF CAB EXPRESSION1 (TOC1), was altered in transgenic lines that overexpress BOA. Rhythmic expression of BOA was also affected in mutant lines of toc1-1, gi-3, and gi-4. Results from these studies indicate that BOA is a critical component of the regulatory circuit of the circadian clock.