Broken bioceramic used in a computer-assisted reconstruction of the frontal skull bone.

Research paper by Athanasios K AK Petridis, Harald H Barth, Alexandros A Doukas, H Maximilian HM Mehdorn

Indexed on: 28 Apr '09Published on: 28 Apr '09Published in: Journal of Clinical Neuroscience


We report a complication occurring after the use of a bioceramic material for a three-dimensional reconstructive cranioplasty. A patient who had a satisfactory aesthetic result after frontal skull bone reconstruction with bioceramic injured his head after falling out of bed. The bioceramic material fragmented and the three fragments migrated over each other to form a lump. The bioceramic material had to be surgically removed. Care must be taken when using the fragile bioceramic material for reconstructive purposes, especially when patients are at risk of frequent falls.