Broad-spectrum enhanced absorption of graphene-molybdenum disulfide photovoltaic cells in Metal-Mirror Microcavity.

Research paper by Jiang Tao JT Liu, Yunkai Y Cao, Hong H Tong, Dahai D Wang, Zhenhua Z Wu

Indexed on: 30 Jan '18Published on: 30 Jan '18Published in: Nanotechnology


We investigate theoretically the optical absorption of graphene-molybdenum disulfide photovoltaic cells (GM-PVc) in wedge-shaped metal-mirror microcavities (w-MMCs) combined with spectrum-splitting structure. Results show that the combination of spectrum-splitting structure and w-MMC can enable the light absorption of GM-PVc to reach about 65% in the broad spectrum. The influence of processing errors on the absorption of GM-PVc in w-MMCs is effectively suppressed, i.e., 3 ~14 times lower than that of GM-PVc in common wedge photonic crystal microcavities. The light absorption of GM-PVc reaches 60% in broad spectrum even with the processing errors. This proposal of GM-PVc structure is easy to implement and has potentially important applications in the development of ultra-thin and high-efficiency solar cells and optoelectronic devices.