Branching ratios and CP asymmetries in charmless nonleptonic B decays to radially excited mesons

Research paper by G. Calderon

Indexed on: 23 Mar '10Published on: 23 Mar '10Published in: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


Nonleptonic two body B decays including radially excited $\pi(1300)$ or $\rho(1450)$ mesons in the final state are studied using the framework of generalized naive factorization approach. Branching ratios and CP asymmetries of $B\to P\pi(1300)$, $B\to V\pi(1300)$, $B\to P\rho(1450)$ and $B\to V\rho(1450)$ decays are calculated, where P and V stand for pseudoscalar and vector charmless mesons. Form factors for $B\to \pi(1300)$ and $B\to \rho(1450)$ transitions are estimated in the improved version of the Isgur-Scora-Grinstein-Wise quark model. In some processes, CP asymmetries of more than 10% and branching ratios of $10^{-5}$ order are found, which could be reached in experiments.