Braided Drinfeld and Heisenberg Doubles

Research paper by Robert Laugwitz

Indexed on: 09 Mar '15Published on: 09 Mar '15Published in: Mathematics - Quantum Algebra


In this paper, the Drinfeld center of a monoidal category is generalized to a class of mixed Drinfeld centers. This gives a unified picture for the Drinfeld center and a natural Heisenberg analogue. Further, there is an action of the former on the latter. This picture is translated to a description in terms of Yetter-Drinfeld and Hopf modules over quasi-bialgebras in a braided monoidal category. Via braided reconstruction theory, intrinsic definitions of braided Drinfeld and Heisenberg doubles are obtained, together with a generalization of the result in [Lu94] that the Heisenberg double is a 2-cocycle twist of the Drinfeld double for general braided Hopf algebras.