BPS D-branes on Non-supersymmetric Cycles

Research paper by Ashoke Sen

Indexed on: 16 Feb '99Published on: 16 Feb '99Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


In certain regions of the moduli space of K3 and Calabi-Yau manifolds, D-branes wrapped on non-supersymmetric cycles may give rise to stable configurations. We show that in the orbifold limit, some of these stable configurations can be described by solvable boundary conformal field theories. The world-volume theory of N coincident branes of this type is described by a non-supersymmetric U(N) gauge theory. At the boundary of the region of stability, there are marginal deformations connecting the non-supersymmetric brane to a pair of D-branes wrapped on supersymmetric cycles. We also discuss various relationships between BPS and non-BPS D-branes of type II string theories.