[Bone mechanobiology, an emerging field: a review].

Research paper by Damien D Brézulier, Pascal P Pellen-Mussi, Olivier O Sorel, Sylvie S Jeanne

Indexed on: 20 Dec '18Published on: 20 Dec '18Published in: L' Orthodontie francaise


Mechanobiology, at the interface between biology and biophysics, studies the impact of mechanical forces on tissues, cells and biomolecules. The application of orthodontic forces, followed by induced tooth displacement, is a striking example of its clinical application. The purpose of this article was to compile a review of the literature on the subject of mechanobiology; from its detection at bone level to the presentation of stimulated intracellular pathways. The literature search was conducted on the Pubmed database in April 2018, with associations of the terms "mechanobiology", "orthodontics", "cell culture", "physiopathology". Three major areas of research were selected: highlighting of the phenomenon and its application in the field of bone biology; the cellular effectors of mechanobiology and its clinical applications. The use of mechanobiology in dentofacial orthopedics opens up a new field of reflection for clinicians regarding future advances in orthodontics. © EDP Sciences, SFODF, 2018.