Bogomol'nyi Solitons and Hermitian Symmetric Spaces

Research paper by Phillial Oh

Indexed on: 17 Oct '98Published on: 17 Oct '98Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


We apply the coadjoint orbit method to construct relativistic nonlinear sigma models (NLSM) on the target space of coadjoint orbits coupled with the Chern-Simons (CS) gauge field and study self-dual solitons. When the target space is given by Hermitian symmetric space (HSS), we find that the system admits self-dual solitons whose energy is Bogomol'nyi bounded from below by a topological charge. The Bogomol'nyi potential on the Hermitian symmetric space is obtained in the case when the maximal torus subgroup is gauged, and the self-dual equation in the $CP(N-1)$ case is explored. We also discuss the self-dual solitons in the non-compact $SU(1,1)$ case and present a detailed analysis for the rotationally symmetric solutions.