Block ILU Preconditioners for a Nonsymmetric Block-Tridiagonal M-Matrix

Research paper by Jae Heon Yun

Indexed on: 01 Sep '00Published on: 01 Sep '00Published in: BIT Numerical Mathematics


We propose block ILU (incomplete LU) factorization preconditioners for a nonsymmetric block-tridiagonal M-matrix whose computation can be done in parallel based on matrix blocks. Some theoretical properties for these block ILU factorization preconditioners are studied and then we describe how to construct them effectively for a special type of matrix. We also discuss a parallelization of the preconditioner solver step used in nonstationary iterative methods with the block ILU preconditioners. Numerical results of the right preconditioned BiCGSTAB method using the block ILU preconditioners are compared with those of the right preconditioned BiCGSTAB using a standard ILU factorization preconditioner to see how effective the block ILU preconditioners are.