Bivariate tensor product [Formula: see text]-analogue of Kantorovich-type Bernstein-Stancu-Schurer operators.

Research paper by Qing-Bo QB Cai, Xiao-Wei XW Xu, Guorong G Zhou

Indexed on: 08 Dec '17Published on: 08 Dec '17Published in: Journal of Inequalities and Applications


In this paper, we construct a bivariate tensor product generalization of Kantorovich-type Bernstein-Stancu-Schurer operators based on the concept of [Formula: see text]-integers. We obtain moments and central moments of these operators, give the rate of convergence by using the complete modulus of continuity for the bivariate case and estimate a convergence theorem for the Lipschitz continuous functions. We also give some graphs and numerical examples to illustrate the convergence properties of these operators to certain functions.