Biomechanical Evaluation of Dynamic Balance Control Ability During Golf Swing

Imported: 07 Jul '16 | Published: 06 Jun '16

Ahnryul Choi, Tae Geon Kang, Joung Hwan Mun

Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering

Abstract: Balance ability seems to be significantly correlated with golfing skill. However, it is unclear whether dynamic balance control has a direct influence on golf swing performance. In this study, the effects of a golfer’s skill level on the observed dynamic balance control ability during the golf swing were evaluated. Fifty participants were divided into three groups (professional, advanced, and novice) based on their official handicap scores. Six infrared cameras and two force platforms were used to determine dynamic alterations of the center of mass (COM) and center of pressure (COP). The peak-to-peak displacement and velocity of the COM and COP in the professional golfers were... Read More

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