Biologische Untersuchung der Limmat zwischen Zürichsee und Wettingen, 1974 bis 1980

Research paper by Eugen A. Thomas, Ferdinand Schanz

Indexed on: 01 Sep '81Published on: 01 Sep '81Published in: Aquatic Sciences


Biological investigations of that part of the River Limmat lying between Quaibrücke and Wettingen were carried out from 1974 to 1980. An influence of the waste water from the Werdhölzli sewage treatment plant on the plant and animal communities of the river bed was evident. This influence was especially plain to be seen immediately below the point of introduction of the waste water. The incidence of pollution indicators decreased downriver from this point. Biotests, using periphyton from stones taken from the shore of the Zürichsee, yielded harvests which were clearly higher in Limmat water taken from points downstream from the sewage works than in water taken from points upstream.