Biological activity of detonation nanodiamond and prospects in its medical and biological applications

Research paper by I. V. Shugalei, A. P. Voznyakovskii, A. V. Garabadzhiu, I. V. Tselinskii, A. M. Sudarikov, M. A. Ilyushin

Indexed on: 16 Jun '13Published on: 16 Jun '13Published in: Russian Journal of General Chemistry


The present review summarizes and analyzes recent advances in the field of medical and biological applications of detonation nanodiamond and, on this basis, considers most promising ways of creation of anticancer and antimicrobial drugs, diagnostic agents, and nanocompositions for orthopedic surgery. In addition, progress in the surface chemistry of detonation nanodiamond is discussed and problems related to purposeful surface modification with a view to obtain detonation nanodiamond with desired properties ensuring their successful application in biology and medicine are considered.