Bioinformatics analysis of codon usage patterns and influencing factors in Penaeus monodon nudivirus.

Research paper by Anuj A Tyagi, Niraj K NK Singh, Volker V Gurtler, Indrani I Karunasagar

Indexed on: 21 Nov '15Published on: 21 Nov '15Published in: Archives of Virology


Penaeus monodon nudivirus (PmNV) is one of the most important and most commonly reported shrimp viruses. In the present study, codon usage of PmNV was studied in detail. Based on effective number of codons (ENC) values, strong to low codon usage bias was observed in PmNV genes. Nucleotide composition-ENC correlation analysis and the GC3 versus ENC relationship indicated that compositional constraint has a major effect on codon usage of PmNV. At the whole-genome level, relative synonymous codon usage (RSCU) analysis showed almost complete antagonism between the codon usage pattern of PmNV and its host P. monodon. However, codon adaptive index (CAI) values indicated that forces of selective/translational constraints have been able to overcome this antagonism in some genes.