BioID data of c-MYC interacting protein partners in cultured cells and xenograft tumors.

Research paper by Pak-Kei PK Chan, Tharan T Srikumar, Dharmendra D Dingar, Manpreet M Kalkat, Linda Z LZ Penn, Brian B Raught

Indexed on: 29 Jul '15Published on: 29 Jul '15Published in: Data in Brief


BioID was performed using FlagBirA⁎ (the R118G biotin ligase mutant protein) and FlagBirA⁎-Myc in HEK293 T-REx cells maintained both under standard cell culture conditions and as mouse xenografts. The mass spectrometry dataset acquired in this study has been uploaded to the MassIVE repository with ID: MSV000078518, and consists of 28 ⁎.raw MS files acquired on an Orbitrap Velos instrument, collected in data-dependent mode. iProphet processed MS/MS search results are also included as a reference. This study has been published as "BioID identifies novel c-MYC interacting partners in cultured cells and xenograft tumors", by Dingar et al. in the Journal of Proteomics, 2014 [1].