BF models, Duality and Bosonization on higher genus surfaces

Research paper by A. Restuccian, J. Stephany

Indexed on: 02 Oct '98Published on: 02 Oct '98Published in: High Energy Physics - Theory


The generating functional of two dimensional $BF$ field theories coupled to fermionic fields and conserved currents is computed in the general case when the base manifold is a genus g compact Riemann surface. The lagrangian density $L=dB{\wedge}A$ is written in terms of a globally defined 1-form $A$ and a multi-valued scalar field $B$. Consistency conditions on the periods of $dB$ have to be imposed. It is shown that there exist a non-trivial dependence of the generating functional on the topological restrictions imposed to $B$. In particular if the periods of the $B$ field are constrained to take values $4\pi n$, with $n$ any integer, then the partition function is independent of the chosen spin structure and may be written as a sum over all the spin structures associated to the fermions even when one started with a fixed spin structure. These results are then applied to the functional bosonization of fermionic fields on higher genus surfaces. A bosonized form of the partition function which takes care of the chosen spin structure is obtained