BEXA: A covering algorithm for learning propositional concept descriptions

Research paper by Hendrik Theron, Ian Cloete

Indexed on: 01 Jul '96Published on: 01 Jul '96Published in: Machine learning


BEXA is a new covering algorithm for inducing propositional concept descriptions. Existing covering algorithms such as AQ15 and CN2 place rigid constraints on the search process to reduce the learning time. These restrictions may allow useless specializations while at the same time ignoring potentially useful specializations. In contrast BEXA employs three dynamic search constraints that enable it to find simple and accurate concept descriptions efficiently. This paper describes the BEXA algorithm and its relationship to the covering algorithms AQ15, CN2, GREEDY3, PRISM, and an algorithm proposed by Gray. The specialization models of these algorithms are described in the uniform framework of specialization by exclusion of values. BEXA is compared empirically to state-of-the-art concept learners CN2 and C4.5. It produces rules of comparable accuracy, but with greater simplicity.