Beobachtungen über Fett und Aleuron in Erdnuß (Arachis hypogaea) und Walnuß (Juglans regia)

Research paper by Engelbert Bancher, Josef Hölzl, Hans-Jörg Goller

Indexed on: 01 Dec '69Published on: 01 Dec '69Published in: Plant foods for human nutrition (Dordrecht, Netherlands)


Staining with oilred in 60% triethylphosphate and fluorochroming with Nile blue sulfate exhibits spherosomes and reserve fat in the same way. After staining or OsO4 vapor fixation the fat in the cotyledonar cells ofArachis hypogaea is to recognise as a coherent mass extending through the cavities of a plasmatic network between starch and aleuron grains. These aleuron grains may be of protoplasmatic origin and probably made by “internal secretion” of the ER (Graham et al. 1962). In the cotyledons ofJuglans regia there is moreover a granulare or droplike, very osmiophilic lipid phase probably rich in unsaturated fatty acids.The importance of a perfectly water free preparation is emphased for the microscopy of air drough tissues.