Benzannulation of Pyrroles to 4,5-Disubstituted Indoles through Brønsted-Acid-Promoted Rearrangement of tert-Butyl Peroxides

Research paper by Shenglin Lu, Ran Xu, Prof. Zhiping Li

Indexed on: 25 Oct '17Published on: 09 Aug '17Published in: Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry


Benzannulation of pyrrole to indole was achieved by using γ-carbonyl tert-butyl peroxides as C4 building blocks. The reaction is initiated by Brønsted-acid-promoted rearrangement of the tert-butyl peroxide, followed by annulation with pyrrole leading to an indole skeleton bearing 4,5-disubstitutents. The salient features of this benzannulation approach include using readily available starting materials and mild reaction conditions.