Basic reductions in the description of normal subgroups

Research paper by N. A. Vavilov, A. K. Stavrova

Indexed on: 04 Jul '08Published on: 04 Jul '08Published in: Journal of Mathematical Sciences


Classification of subgroups in a Chevalley group G(Φ, R) over a commutative ring R, normalized by the elementary subgroup E(Φ, R), is well known. However, for exceptional groups, in the available literature neither the parabolic reduction nor the level reduction can be found. This is due to the fact that the Abe-Suzuki-Vaserstein proof relied on localization and reduction modulo the Jacobson radical. Recently, for the groups of types E6, E7, and F4, the first-named author, M. Gavrilovich, and S. Nikolenko have proposed an even more straightforward geometric approach to the proof of structure theorems, similar to that used for exceptional cases. In the present paper, we give still simpler proofs of two key auxiliary results of the geometric approach. First, we carry through the parabolic reduction in full generality: for all parabolic subgroups of all Chevalley groups of rank ≥ 2. At that we succeeded in avoiding any reference to the structure of internal Chevalley modules, or explicit calculations of the centralizers of unipotent elements. Second, we prove the level reduction, also for the most general situation of double levels, which arise for multiply-laced root systems. Bibliography: 64 titles.