B-CAN: a resource sharing platform to improve the operation, visualization and integrated analysis of TCGA breast cancer data.

Research paper by Can-Hong CH Wen, Shao-Min SM Ou, Xiao-Bo XB Guo, Chen-Feng CF Liu, Yan-Bo YB Shen, Na N You, Wei-Hong WH Cai, Wen-Jun WJ Shen, Xue-Qin XQ Wang, Hai-Zhu HZ Tan

Indexed on: 10 Jan '18Published on: 10 Jan '18Published in: Oncotarget


Breast cancer is a high-risk heterogeneous disease with myriad subtypes and complicated biological features. The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) breast cancer database provides researchers with the large-scale genome and clinical data via web portals and FTP services. Researchers are able to gain new insights into their related fields, and evaluate experimental discoveries with TCGA. However, it is difficult for researchers who have little experience with database and bioinformatics to access and operate on because of TCGA's complex data format and diverse files. For ease of use, we build the breast cancer (B-CAN) platform, which enables data customization, data visualization, and private data center. The B-CAN platform runs on Apache server and interacts with the backstage of MySQL database by PHP. Users can customize data based on their needs by combining tables from original TCGA database and selecting variables from each table. The private data center is applicable for private data and two types of customized data. A key feature of the B-CAN is that it provides single table display and multiple table display. Customized data with one barcode corresponding to many records and processed customized data are allowed in Multiple Tables Display. The B-CAN is an intuitive and high-efficient data-sharing platform.