Azimuthally asymmetric eigenmodes of a magnetized plasma cylinder around a dielectric rod in a circular waveguide

Research paper by A. S. Shlapakovski, M. Yu. Krasnitskiy

Indexed on: 05 Dec '08Published on: 05 Dec '08Published in: Plasma Physics Reports


The electrodynamics of a circular waveguide with a dielectric rod surrounded by a magnetized plasma layer is considered. A general dispersion relation for azimuthally asymmetric perturbations is derived, and its solutions describing slow waves—specifically, electromagnetic and plasma modes, as well as (and primarily) hybrid waves that combine the properties of both mode types—are investigated numerically. For the fundamental waveguide mode of the system—the HE11 mode—the parameters of the plasma layer are determined at which the mode cannot be subject to Cherenkov interaction with a relativistic electron beam at a given frequency. For both waveguide and plasma modes, the radial profiles of the longitudinal components of the electric field and Poynting vector, the fractions of RF power carried within the dielectric and plasma regions and vacuum gap, and the coupling impedance are calculated as functions of the parameters of the plasma layer. The evolution of the field structure during the formation of asymmetric hybrid waves is traced. The results of calculating the dispersion and coupling impedance are analyzed as applied to an antenna-amplifier—a relativistic traveling-wave tube operating on the HE11 mode of the dielectric rod: specifically, the implementability of the concept in the presence of a plasma at the rod surface is estimated, and the possible role of azimuthally asymmetric and symmetric plasma modes is examined.