Azimuthal modulation of the event rate of cosmic ray extensive air showers by the geomagnetic field

Research paper by A. A. Ivanov, V. P. Egorova, V. A. Kolosov, A. D. Krasilnikov, M. I. Pravdin, I. Ye. Sleptsov

Indexed on: 22 Mar '99Published on: 22 Mar '99Published in: Astrophysics


The Earth's magnetic field effect on the azimuthal distribution of extensive air showers (EAS) of cosmic rays has been evaluated using a bulk of the Yakutsk array data. The uniform azimuthal distribution of the EAS event rate is rejected at the significance level 10^(-14). Amplitude of the first harmonics of observed distribution depends on zenith angle as A1=0.2*sin^2(theta) and is almost independent of the primary energy; the phase coincides with the magnetic meridian. Basing upon the value of measured effect, the correction factor has been derived for the particle density depending on a geomagnetic parameter of a shower.