Automorphisms of polynomial algebras and Dirichlet series

Research paper by Vesselin Drensky, Jie-Tai Yu

Indexed on: 27 Jun '08Published on: 27 Jun '08Published in: Mathematics - Commutative Algebra


Let GF(q)[x,y] be the polynomial algebra in two variables over the finite field GF(q) with q elements. We give an exact formula and the asymptotics for the number p(n) of automorphisms (f,g) of GF(q)[x,y] such that max{deg(f),deg(g)}=n. We describe also the Dirichlet series generating function p(1)/1^s+p(2)/2^s+p(3)/3^s+.... The same results hold for the automorphisms of the free associative algebra GF(q)<x,y>. We have also obtained analogues for free algebras with two generators in Nielsen - Schreier varieties of algebras.