Automatic Document Image Binarization using Bayesian Optimization

Research paper by Ekta Vats, Anders Hast, Prashant Singh

Indexed on: 18 Oct '17Published on: 18 Oct '17Published in: arXiv - Computer Science - Information Retrieval


Document image binarization is often a challenging task due to various forms of degradation. Although there exist several binarization techniques in literature, the binarized image is typically sensitive to control parameter settings of the employed technique. This paper presents an automatic document image binarization algorithm to segment the text from heavily degraded document images. The proposed technique uses a two band-pass filtering approach for background noise removal, and Bayesian optimization for automatic hyperparameter selection for optimal results. The effectiveness of the proposed binarization technique is empirically demonstrated on the Document Image Binarization Competition (DIBCO) and the Handwritten Document Image Binarization Competition (H-DIBCO) datasets.