Automatic brain matter segmentation of computed tomography images using a statistical model: A tool to gain working time!

Research paper by Francesco F Bertè, Giuseppe G Lamponi, Placido P Bramanti, Rocco S RS Calabrò

Indexed on: 03 Oct '15Published on: 03 Oct '15Published in: The neuroradiology journal


Brain computed tomography (CT) is useful diagnostic tool for the evaluation of several neurological disorders due to its accuracy, reliability, safety and wide availability. In this field, a potentially interesting research topic is the automatic segmentation and recognition of medical regions of interest (ROIs). Herein, we propose a novel automated method, based on the use of the active appearance model (AAM) for the segmentation of brain matter in CT images to assist radiologists in the evaluation of the images. The method described, that was applied to 54 CT images coming from a sample of outpatients affected by cognitive impairment, enabled us to obtain the generation of a model overlapping with the original image with quite good precision. Since CT neuroimaging is in widespread use for detecting neurological disease, including neurodegenerative conditions, the development of automated tools enabling technicians and physicians to reduce working time and reach a more accurate diagnosis is needed.