Autofluorescence based diagnostic techniques for oral cancer.

Research paper by A Murali AM Balasubramaniam, Rajkumari R Sriraman, P P Sindhuja, Khadijah K Mohideen, R Arjun RA Parameswar, K T KT Muhamed Haris

Indexed on: 22 Apr '16Published on: 06 Nov '15Published in: Journal of pharmacy & bioallied sciences


Oral cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide. Despite of various advancements in the treatment modalities, oral cancer mortalities are more, particularly in developing countries like India. This is mainly due to the delay in diagnosis of oral cancer. Delay in diagnosis greatly reduces prognosis of the treatment and also cause increased morbidity and mortality rates. Early diagnosis plays a key role in effective management of oral cancer. A rapid diagnostic technique can greatly aid in the early diagnosis of oral cancer. Now a day's many adjunctive oral cancer screening techniques are available for the early diagnosis of cancer. Among these, autofluorescence based diagnostic techniques are rapidly emerging as a powerful tool. These techniques are broadly discussed in this review.