Authentication of Surveillance Videos: Detecting Frame Duplication Based on Residual Frame.

Research paper by Sondos M SM Fadl, Qi Q Han, Qiong Q Li

Indexed on: 19 Oct '17Published on: 19 Oct '17Published in: Journal of Forensic Sciences


Nowadays, surveillance systems are used to control crimes. Therefore, the authenticity of digital video increases the accuracy of deciding to admit the digital video as legal evidence or not. Inter-frame duplication forgery is the most common type of video forgery methods. However, many existing methods have been proposed for detecting this type of forgery and these methods require high computational time and impractical. In this study, we propose an efficient inter-frame duplication detection algorithm based on standard deviation of residual frames. Standard deviation of residual frame is applied to select some frames and ignore others, which represent a static scene. Then, the entropy of discrete cosine transform coefficients is calculated for each selected residual frame to represent its discriminating feature. Duplicated frames are then detected exactly using subsequence feature analysis. The experimental results demonstrated that the proposed method is effective to identify inter-frame duplication forgery with localization and acceptable running time.