Audiologists' attitudes to cochlear implants.

Research paper by A A Hogan, A A Taylor, S S Westcott

Indexed on: 16 Sep '08Published on: 16 Sep '08Published in: Cochlear implants international


215 audiologists completed a cross-sectional survey concerning attitudes towards cochlear implants and associated referral behaviours. Audiologists were found to hold positive attitudes towards cochlear implants, with the majority (65%) having referred at least one client for an assessment. Audiologists reported that the implant was a safe and effective technology and that they were satisfied with the progress made by clients with the device. Nonetheless, 84% of audiologists expressed concern about the psychosocial needs of clients within the implant programme. Referral behaviours were primarily associated with knowledge on how and when to refer a person for an assessment. Secondary factors included funding awareness, professional experience and training, and knowledge of, confidence in, and relationship to, a local implant programme. Referrals to implant clinics may be enhanced by fostering relationships within the broader audiological community.