Atomistic and continuum modeling of non-equilibrium melting of aluminum

Research paper by Alexander E. Mayer, Vasiliy S. Krasnikov

Indexed on: 24 Dec '15Published on: 24 Dec '15Published in: Physics - Materials Science


MD simulations of the non-equilibrium melting of aluminum are performed both with and without accounting of the electronic subsystem. A continuum model of melting is purposed basing on the obtained MD results, in which the current phase state is described in terms of fields of concentration and size of melting sites. Growth equation for melting areas is derived from the heat fluxes analysis. Nucleation equation for melting sites is formulated basing on the thermofluctuational approach. The method of determination of the model coefficients with using the MD simulation results is purposed. The continuum model is applied to the problem of the non-equilibrium melting of aluminum within the energy absorption area of the high-current electron beam.