Atlas-based investigation of human brain tissue microstructural spatial heterogeneity and interplay between transverse relaxation time and radial diffusivity.

Research paper by Indika S IS Walimuni, Khader M KM Hasan

Indexed on: 11 Jun '11Published on: 11 Jun '11Published in: NeuroImage


Microstructural metrics obtained using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) such as transverse relaxation time and radial diffusivity have been used as in vivo markers of human brain tissue integrity. Considering the sensitivity of these parameters to some common biophysical contributors and their structural and spatial heterogeneity, we hypothesized that strong inter and intra-regional associations exist between these variables providing evidence to possible interplay between transverse relaxation time and radial diffusivity. To validate our hypothesis we obtained high resolution anatomical T1-weighted data and fused it with T2-relaxometry and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) data on a cohort of healthy adults. The anatomical data were parcellated using FreeSurfer and then coaligned and fused with the T2 and DTI maps. Our data reveal some association between transverse relaxation and radial diffusivity that may help toward the interpretation and modeling of the biophysical contributors to the measured MRI metrics.