Asymptotic behaviour of the simple random walk on the 2-comb

Research paper by Daniela Bertacchi

Indexed on: 29 May '06Published on: 29 May '06Published in: Mathematics - Probability


We analyze the differences between the horizontal and the vertical component of the simple random walk on the 2-dimensional comb. In particular we evaluate by combinatorial methods the asymptotic behaviour of the expected value of the distance from the origin, the maximal deviation and the maximal span in $n$ steps, proving that for all these quantities the order is $n^{1/4}$ for the horizontal projection and $n^{1/2}$ for the vertical one (the exact constants are determined). Then we rescale the two projections of the random walk dividing by $n^{1/4}$ and $n^{1/2}$ the horizontal and vertical ones, respectively. The limit process is obtained. As a corollary of the estimate of the expected value of the maximal deviation, the walk dimension is determined, showing that the Einstein relation between the fractal, spectral and walk dimensions does not hold on the comb.