Association of exercise counselors' sex with exercise session attendance in women enrolled in a cognitive behavioral treatment system.

Research paper by James J JJ Annesi, Jennifer L JL Unruh

Indexed on: 28 Sep '04Published on: 28 Sep '04Published in: Perceptual and motor skills


Attendance rates from two groups incorporating a cognitive behavioral treatment system (male counselor group, n=53; female counselor group, n=56) and a control group using standard methods of exercise counseling (n =56) were contrasted with new and returning female exercisers (overall M age=40 yr.). Analysis of variance with follow-up Scheffé tests indicated significantly greater attendance for the treatment groups (54 and 58%) than for the control group (37%) over 6 months. No significant difference between the treatment groups was found. Findings suggest that the sex of exercise counselors does not appear to influence attendance of exercise sessions.