Association between small dense LDL and early atherosclerosis in a sample of menopausal women.

Research paper by Marco M Gentile, Salvatore S Panico, Amalia A Mattiello, Stefania S Ubaldi, Gabriella G Iannuzzo, Mario M De Michele, Arcangelo A Iannuzzi, Paolo P Rubba

Indexed on: 03 Sep '13Published on: 03 Sep '13Published in: Clinica Chimica Acta


The association between small dense LDL particles and early atherosclerosis has been evaluated in a sample of middle-aged women. We analysed the relation between sd-LDL and common carotid intima media thickness in 228 menopausal women. LDL separation was performed by Lipoprint System: 7 LDL subfractions were obtained, mean LDL size and LDL score (% of sd-LDL) were calculated. Multivariate analysis showed a significant association between IMT (≥ 1.30 mm) and mean LDL size after controlling for age (OR 7.80; 95% CI 1.47-41.39; p = 0.016 for mean LDL particle size). IMT remained significantly related to mean LDL particle size after controlling for age and Apo B. In a subsequent multivariate analysis, after controlling for age, IMT (≥ 1.30 mm) was significantly related to LDL score (OR 12.15; 95% CI 1.29-114.36; p = 0.029 for LDL score), or age and Apo B (OR 10.13; 95% CI 1.07-95.71; p = 0.043 for LDL score). Our results suggest an association between sd-LDL and IMT, independently of age and Apo B. This data may indicate that sd-LDL are markers of early carotid atherosclerosis, and suggest that measurement of sd-LDL-C gives useful information in the risk assessment for atherosclerotic disease in menopausal women.