[Assessment of central auditory processes in Spanish in children with dyslexia and controls. Binaural Fusion Test and Filtered Word Test].

Research paper by Yolanda Rebeca YR Peñaloza-López, María del Rosario Mdel R Olivares García, Sabino S Jiménez de la Sancha, Felipe F García-Pedroza, Santiago J SJ Pérez Ruiz

Indexed on: 17 Nov '09Published on: 17 Nov '09Published in: Acta Otorrinolaringologica Española


The aim is to assess the ability to discriminate words, using two psychoacoustic verbal tests of central auditory processes in Spanish: Binaural Fusion Test (BFT in its Spanish version) and Filtered Word Test (FWT in its Spanish version) in children with dyslexia and controls.One group of 40 dyslexic children was receiving therapy for dyslexia at the time of the tests. 40 children without dyslexia were selected as controls, out of 298 children who attended a public school.The rate of males to females was 2/1 in the dyslexic group. The average correct answers for the BFT were 65-66% in dyslexic group and 75-80% in the control group. For the FWT they were 50-54% in the dyslexic group and 67-71% in the control group (student t <0.05).These results contribute to make evident disorders in central auditory processing in children with dyslexia. We suggest using the tests with each patient in order to elaborate a rehabilitation plan.