Assembled bright green fluorescent zinc coordination polymer.

Research paper by Ruibiao R Fu, Shengchang S Xiang, Shengmin S Hu, Longsheng L Wang, Yaming Y Li, Xihe X Huang, Xintao X Wu

Indexed on: 26 Oct '05Published on: 26 Oct '05Published in: Chemical Communications


A 1D zinc coordination polymer with bright green fluorescence, [Zn(4,4'-bipy)(H2O)4][Zn(4,4'-bipy)(1.5)(L)(H2O)2]2(L).6H2O (L = 4,4'-bis(2-sulfonatostyryl)biphenyl), has been designed, hydrothermally synthesized and characterized; the interesting structure consists of three types of infinite chain: a neutral sandwich-like chain, ionic and cationic chains.