Research paper by V. M. Neplyuev, Yu. N. Usenko, R. Dubenko, P. S. Pel'kis

Indexed on: 01 Sep '70Published on: 01 Sep '70Published in: Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds


Condensation of the arylamides of arylsulfonylcyanothioacetic acid (A) with α-halocarbonyl and α-halocarboxy-compounds (chloroacetone, ω-bromoacetophenone, and chloroacetic acid) affords 3-aryl-4-methyl(aryl)-2-[(arylsulfonyl)cyanomethylene]-4,5-thiazolines and 3-aryl-[2(arylsulfonyl)cyanomethylene]-5H-4-thiazolidones. Oxidative cyclization of A has given derivatives of 2-[(arylsulfonyl)cyanomethyl]-benzothiazole. Reaction of A with hydrazine hydrate affords 3-aryl-amino-4-arylsulfonyl-5-aminopyrazoles. On the basis of their chemical properties and IR spectra, the pyrazole derivatives are assumed to possess the amine structure.