ArticleSynthesis and characterization of a Pd(0) Schiff base complex anchored on magnetic nanoporous MCM-41 as a novel and recyclable catalyst for the Suzuki and Heck reactions under green conditions

Research paper by MohsenNikoorazma, FarshidGhorbanib, ArashGhorbani-Choghamarania, ZahraErfania

Indexed on: 08 Nov '17Published on: 01 Aug '17Published in: Chinese Journal of Catalysis


A Pd Schiff base complex was immobilized onto the surface of magnetic MCM-41 (Fe3O4@MCM-41@Pd(0)-P2C) as a novel, eco-friendly, and recyclable heterogeneous nanocatalyst and fully characterized by FT-IR, VSM, EDS, transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, thermogravimetric analyses, ICP-OES, and X-ray powder diffraction analysis. The Fe3O4@MCM-41@Pd(0)-P2C was investigated as a catalyst for the one-pot Suzuki and Heck reactions in PEG as a green solvent to provide the target products in excellent yields. The main advantages of using this catalyst include a short reaction time, green reaction conditions, a simple experimental procedure, non-use of hazardous organic solvents, low loading of the catalyst, and the ability to use various substrates. More importantly, the catalyst could be easily separated from the reaction mixture with the assistance of an external magnet and could be recovered and reused several times without significant loss of stability and activity.