Arteriovenous malformation in the parotid region presenting as pulsatile tinnitus: a case report.

Research paper by Meng-Chao MC Chen, Wen-Yuh WY Chung, Chao-Bao CB Luo, Hsiu-Mei HM Wu

Indexed on: 14 Mar '09Published on: 14 Mar '09Published in: Head & Neck


Pulsatile tinnitus is a unique symptom in the general population and often leads patients to medical attention.We report a patient who had an arteriovenous malformation of superficial temporal artery in the parotid region causing pulsatile tinnitus and insomnia. Magnetic resonance angiography and carotid angiography were useful tools for the detection of this vascular malformation. Successful treatment of this lesion was achieved by endovascular embolization.This case illustrates a thorough diagnostic work-up with a high index of suspicion and a proper treatment option is rewarding when dealing with such a rare disease.