Arithmetic progressions consisting of unlike powers

Research paper by N. Bruin, K. Gyory, L. Hajdu, Sz. Tengely

Indexed on: 17 Dec '05Published on: 17 Dec '05Published in: Mathematics - Number Theory


In this paper we present some new results about unlike powers in arithmetic progression. We prove among other things that for given $k\geq 4$ and $L\geq 3$ there are only finitely many arithmetic progressions of the form $(x_0^{l_0},x_1^{l_1},...,x_{k-1}^{l_{k-1}})$ with $x_i\in{\Bbb Z},$ gcd$(x_0,x_1)=1$ and $2\leq l_i\leq L$ for $i=0,1,...,k-1.$ Furthermore, we show that, for L=3, the progression $(1,1,...,1)$ is the only such progression up to sign.