Aqueous suspensions of mullite: Their rheology and the properties of cast products from them

Research paper by Yu. E. Pivinskii, V. A. Bevz

Indexed on: 01 Mar '80Published on: 01 Mar '80Published in: Refractories and Industrial Ceramics


Concentrated aqueous suspensions of mullite were obtained. These made it possible to produce casts of comparatively high density and strength with low shrinkage on drying.We have studied the effect of stabilization, pH, and concentration of suspensions on their rheological and technical properties.We show the possibility of using mullite suspensions as the bonding (binder) for refractories of a grainy structure (filler: corundum or mullite) and for ceramic concretes.Mullite and mullite-corundum refractories of a grainy structure bonded by mullite suspensions have been made. The properties of these refractories have been studied. The materials have excellent strength and thermal-shock resistance.