Approximate perfect differential equations of second order

Research paper by Mohammad Reza Abdollahpour, Abbas Najati, Choonkil Park, Themistocles M Rassias, Dong Yun Shin

Indexed on: 27 Dec '12Published on: 27 Dec '12Published in: Advances in difference equations


In this paper we prove the Hyers-Ulam stability of the perfect linear differential equation f(t)y″(t)+f1(t)y′(t)+f2(t)y(t)=Q(t)Open image in new window, where f,y∈C2[a,b]Open image in new window, Q∈C[a,b]Open image in new window, f2(t)=f1′(t)−f″(t)Open image in new window and −∞<a<b<+∞Open image in new window.MSC:34K20, 26D10, 39B82, 34K06, 39B72.