Applied Sciences, Vol. 6, Pages 68: State of the Art and Trends Review of Smart Metering in Electricity Grids

Research paper by Noelia Uribe-;Pérez, Luis Hernández, David de la Vega, Itziar Angulo

Indexed on: 13 May '16Published on: 29 Feb '16Published in: Applied sciences (Basel, Switzerland)


Climate change, awareness of energy efficiency, new trends in electricity markets, the obsolescence of the actual electricity model, and the gradual conversion of consumers to prosumer profiles are the main agents of progressive change in electricity systems towards the Smart Grid paradigm. The introduction of multiple distributed generation and storage resources, with a strong involvement of renewable energies, exposes the necessity of advanced metering or Smart Metering systems, able to manage and control those distributed resources. Due to the heterogeneity of the Smart Metering systems and the specific features of each grid, it is easy to find in the related literature a wide range of solutions with different features. This work describes the key elements in a Smart Metering system and compiles the most employed technologies and standards as well as their main features. Since Smart Metering systems can perform jointly with other activities, these growing initiatives are also addressed. Finally, a revision of the main trends in Smart Metering uses and deployments worldwide is included.