Applied Sciences, Vol. 6, Pages 103: Research on a Linear Piezoelectric Actuator Using T-Shape Transducer to Realize High Mechanical Output

Research paper by Sijia Shao, Shengjun Shi, Weishan Chen, Junkao Liu, Yingxiang Liu

Indexed on: 13 May '16Published on: 11 Apr '16Published in: Applied sciences (Basel, Switzerland)


A modified large thrust ultrasonic linear motor using a T-shape configuration composed of two orthogonal sandwich-type transducers has been proposed in this paper. It is an improved version of a previous T-shape motor. The vertical transducer is used to generate the normal force between the driving foot and slider, while the other push-pull–type horizontal transducer is applied to generate driving force to push the working platform. By superimposing the two longitudinal vibrations, the proposed motor generates an elliptical movement on the driving foot. In order to improve the vibration characteristics and amplify the driving vibration amplitude, the shape of the driving foot and horn have been redesigned and optimized. The finite element method (FEM) is used to adjust the structural parameters to degenerate the two working mode frequencies. The prototype has been fabricated and its mechanical output ability has been measured. The output characteristics of the modified motor, compared with the previous T-shape motor, achieve a relatively high level. The typical no-load speed and maximum output thrust of the prototype are 0.83 m/s and 56 N under an exciting voltage of 150 Vrms.