Application of differential evolution algorithm in static and dynamic economic or emission dispatch problem: A review

Research paper by Luke Jebaraj, Chakkaravarthy Venkatesan, Irisappane Soubache, Charles Christober Asir Rajan

Indexed on: 22 Apr '17Published on: 12 Apr '17Published in: Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews


Economic Load Dispatch (ELD) is an imperative assignment in contemporary aggressive power demand market. Dearth of power generation in all dimensions of energy resources will result escalating in generation cost wants the optimal power dispatch at minimum fuel cost. Owing to the confined optimum convergence, the predictable optimization methods are not proficient to crack such problems. Evolutionary optimization techniques are proved to be superior to the conventional techniques to solve ELD problems. Differential Evolution Algorithm (DEA) is one of the foremost and recent evolutionary techniques in modern optimization state of affairs. The application of DEA in multi directional ELD problem has been technologically summarized in this paper.

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